Robot Vacuum : Smart Way to Clean the House

Keeping your house clean helps create a comfortable living environment. What you need is reliable cleaning equipment like a robot cleaner. With a robot vacuum, you get to clean your house within a short span of time and the job is done perfectly well.

A robotic vacuum cleaner is an automatic and powerful small disk-shaped cleaner. It is also a small device that runs automatically via sensors that detect dirt, dust and debris. Users can program the robot floor cleaner to do various tasks like clean rugs, floors and carpeting and do not have to operate the remote vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners can be used on all floor types and are very practical and reliable. In addition, they are ideal for busy people and for those who do not wish to vacuum.

There are several benefits of using a robotic vacuum cleaner. According to One of the greatest advantages is that this device is easy to use. Once the machine has been programmed to clean a certain area, this amazing machine does all the work. Plus, there will be little mishaps when using this vacuum because they self-correct themselves and rarely malfunction and will not get stuck on the rug or carpet.

Another advantage is that they easily go under and around furniture as well as around corners. The robot floor cleaner has great manoeuvrability abilities and can reach every corner in any given room. Plus, they can remove dirt, dust mites and lint from under couches and tables that normal vacuum cleaners fail to reach.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are also highly efficient. In addition to cleaning, they have the capability to remember the layout of the room or rooms and will discard the collected dirt and debris. Moreover, this vacuum can locate the charging station on its own. Also the circular or back and forth cleaning motion allows this machine to thoroughly clean the entire floor or room.

Perhaps, one of the best advantages of a robotic cleaner is that it will clean the house when homeowners are absent. Users do not have to be in the home or in the room when the device is being used. Homeowners will be able to do other things like yard work, run errands, work on the computer or relax in front of the television while the machine does all the work.

These are just a few of the advantages of owning one of these first-rate automatic machines. These vacuums are very efficient and dependable and will do and efficient job. For those who want to save time and do not like vacuuming the carpet or cleaning the floor, a robotic vacuum cleaner is ideal.

Linux VPS – Linux Taking Over on the Cloud

Countless individuals across the globe start their own website due to various goals. But whether the website targets to earn money or as an information page, investing on a good cloud host became a mandatory practice for web masters. Nowadays, Linux VPS cloud hosting buzzed across the cyber world because of its stability and other benefits offered for website owners.

If you are planning to build a website, know the following reasons why VPS cloud starts to dominate the market and  the benefits it provides.

Guaranteed Stability

Website owners need their websites visible at all times. It ensures entrepreneurs will reach their target market while promoting better communication with their potential clients. Website will be inaccessible, on most cases, due to server downtime and crashes. Once this occurred, the website will be down for some depending on the server problem’s issue and be disadvantageous for the company. With a stable Linux VPS, clients don’t have to worry about having inaccessible website due to its boosted stability.

Perfect for Expanding Businesses

Entrepreneurs target business expansion. As the business expands, it also requires expansion of various business essentials like a website. Website expansion means more files must be placed on the page for better impression while other companies need to build multiple websites necessary for their business. This requires higher RAM and storage space for the server. Linux VPS is designed and promoted perfect for expanding businesses as clients can expand memory and storage capacity whenever needed without affecting general website operations. All settings will be adjusted to the newly installed features and assure better function for businesses.

Cost-effectiveness as an Investment

Website owners are often concerned about price. They need numerous services in maintaining their websites while paying for a server. Fortunately, Linux VPS cloud hosting is available in different prices that suit business owners’ budget and business size. If you are starting a business, invest on a more affordable VPS cloud hosting but ensure to work with a reliable host provider online. As your business expands, discuss with your service provider about add on services or upgrades to match its demands. You will save money by matching VPS services with your current business’ demands.

Multiple Service Providers

As more people look for this service, more companies decide to provide VPS cloud hosting and meet the industry’s demands. Clients, on the other hand, find this beneficial since they can compare different service providers and find the most reliable ones and matching their budget.

Overall Customer Support

Customer support should come with the service and a lot of hosting providers offer support in managing servers. They have technical support for following up tickets for server problems and customer support for any other inquiries. Sales and product upgrade assistance are also offered to guarantee customer satisfaction for current clients.

Eco Kettle: Eco-Friendly Eltectric Kettle

When we want to make coffee or tea, we definitely need boiling water to dissolve coffee or tea perfectly. But often we heat water more than we need.

According to research, when we want to make coffee or other drinks, we usually heat water, twice as much as the water we need. As a result, water and energy will be wasted.

If you use an electric-powered kettle with 3kW of power, you will waste electrical energy or the equivalent of turning on about 50 light bulbs.

And conventional electric kettles are usually very energy-intensive. The kettle usually consumes energy to heat the body to the handle of the kettle and does not heat the water directly.

This problem was solved by a kettle designed by Brian Hartley from the UK. This electric kettle called “Eco Kettle” which is able to heat water exactly according to your needs. If you want to heat a glass of water, you just need to adjust the size of this kettle.

The trick, fill the kettle with water, select the volume of water you need, then heat it. This kettle has a special room that will heat water according to the volume of water you choose.

By heating less water you will also use energy more efficiently and faster heating time. As a result, you can save energy by up to 30%. For more information visit the Eco Kettle website here.

My Computer Crashes – Bluescreen

Bluescreen Blues

This plastic, throw away, profit-driven, big corporation society is driving me crazy.

At the risk of being labelled a “whinger”, I NEED to have a whinge.

“There’s not much more I can do, I suggest you give up and buy a new one”

These words were spoken to me after a computer repairer had failed after 4 attempts and over $500 of my money in his till to fix my less than 3-year-old Compaq PC.

What happened to buying something, safe in the knowledge that it will last, that it is made of quality components, by skilled craftspeople who take pride in their work.

I know, I know, where’s the profit in that?

What about the shareholders?

Where’s the return on their investment?

But where does that leave the consumer?

It seems consumers’ needs are overshadowed by the need to make a profit. With more and more small businesses going under because they just can’t compete with big businesses, good customer service, reliability and accountability slide into decline and we the consumers become slaves to the profit-driven mentality of the big boys in retail.

Seems to me items are made NOT to last so that they will need to be replaced often. But when I spend $1,500 on a new computer I expect it to last. I haven’t mistreated it. I run a reputable anti-virus program and have looked after it. In fact, I barely used my computer for the first 2 years, just spasmodically, here and there. I paid for an extended two-year warranty when I bought it.

In March of this year, I started writing and writing. Writing became a therapeutic release for the immense grief that weighed me down after losing a loved one. I was using my computer every day. It started crashing, I’d reboot and it would work for a while then crash again. Checked out the details of my $80 worth of extended warranty, oh yes, that would be right, it ran out in November, 2016. Took it for repairs, they ran pressure tests, scans etc, it would work for a few weeks, all good, then started crashing again.

The repairman suggested he put a new hard drive in. Good idea I thought, isn’t that like putting a new engine in a car? Shouldn’t it be like new again? It worked perfectly for about a month, then started crashing again.

I took it to another repair business. They checked it all out and said there is nothing wrong with it, but thanks anyway, that will be $85. Took it back home where it worked for a week, then started crashing again.

So there it is, my computer that sits there, nothing wrong with it, but its useless. If I fire it up, it works for about 2 minutes before the blue screen comes up. I reboot, 2 minutes, it crashes again. But there’s nothing wrong with it!!!

In January I signed up for a high speed, you beaut, wifi plan that is useless to me because my computer doesn’t work.

I am loathe to go out and buy a new computer. I can’t really afford it and besides, what do I do with my old one that apparently has nothing wrong with it!

More discarded plastic junk to landfill. Oh, this makes me so angry!!

And besides my Hubpages activity has been curbed terribly!!! Sneak on to check out some hubs during my lunch break at work and that’s about all.

If you are still with me, thanks for listening, I feel a little better now after my whinge BUT, my computer still doesn’t work!!

How to Create an Envelope Mail Merge

Let’s say you want to print a group of envelopes with your recipients’ addresses on them. You can use your addresses in Outlook to create a mail merge. Part of the trick, though, is not to start the mail merge from Outlook, but instead from Word. Here’s how:

1. Open Word and start a blank document.

2. Click on the Mailings tab at the top of your screen.

3. Click on Start Mail Merge toward the left-hand side of the ribbon.

4. Click on Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard at the bottom of the menu that pops up. The Mail Merge task pane should appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

5. Click to put a dot next to the word Envelopes in the task pane.

6. At the bottom of the pane, click on Next: Starting document.

You can leave Step 2 alone. Click on Next: Select recipients.

7. A box should pop up. If you’re using standard size 10 envelopes, you don’t need to do anything. Just click on OK in the box. Otherwise, click in the field below where it says Envelope size, choose your type of envelope, and click OK.

8. In Step 3, near the top of the pane, click to put a dot next to Select from Outlook contacts.

9. The words Choose Contacts Folder should appear below. Click on those words.

10. In the box that pops up, click once on the group of contacts you’d like to use. Then click OK.

11. The Mail Merge Recipients box should pop up. This is where you’ll choose the contacts you want the envelopes addressed to. You have three choices:

You can leave all the boxes checked if you want to address an envelope to everyone in the group.

If you only want to address envelope certain members of the group, you can click to uncheck the box next to where it says Data Source. Then you down the list and check   whatever recipients you choose.

Or, you could leave the box next to Data Source checked, and just uncheck the recipients you don’t want.

12. Click OK in the box.

13. Click on Next: Arrange your envelope at the bottom of the task pane.

14. If you need to, click in the upper left-hand corner of the document and type your return address.

15. Move your cursor so it’s located in the center of the envelope document. You should see a dotted line around it where the addresses will go.

16. Click on the blue Address block text in the task pane. A box should pop up.

17. On the left-hand side of the box, you should see various formats of how to display names. You can choose however you’d like them to appear on the envelopes. However, the most common is Joshua Randall Jr.

Click one time on your choice.

18. Click OK in the box.

19. Click on Next: Preview your envelopes at the bottom of the task pane.

20. In the next step, if you’d like to look at some envelopes, click on the two white squares near the top of the pane.

21. If everything looks good, click on Next: Complete the merge at the bottom of the pane.

22. Click on Print in the middle of the next pane to print your envelopes!

How to Choose the Best Processor For Your Laptop or Notebook

Shopping for laptops or notebooks can be frustrating with the number of choices available for consumers. The best start is deciding on the best computer processor for your needs. Processors for laptops are different from desktop computers to accommodate the mobile devices’ size restrictions and lower power consumption. When researching processor performance, not all types follow a pattern.

This article serves as a rough guide in selecting the processor that will work best for your application. The reason that the article is a rough guide is that each type of processor has different models or versions. For example, a high-end Intel processor like the i7 has models that performs in the mid-range level. A mid-range Intel processor such as i3 can have versions that are rated through the low end.

The most basic guide to determine high end, mid-level, and low-end processor is to find out what your requirements are. What do you want to do with your laptop or notebook computer? For playing games with extremely detailed graphics, multimedia editing, and anything to do with 3d modeling, you will need a high-end processor.

For basic, computing needs such as word processing, text e-mail, and surfing text websites or websites with few graphics, a low-end computer will do.

Anything between high and low end will meet the mid-level requirements. Below is more detail on how to choose the best processor for your laptop or notebook.

For any processor, choose between AMD and Intel. Both manufacturers make good chips but Intel’s’ high-end processors may have a slight edge in performance over AMD. For value, AMD chips have an advantage.

Determine how you will use your laptop. If you going to open, store, save, edit, or manipulate lots of multimedia files such as pictures, music, and video, purchase mid range to high end processors. Playing games purchased within the last two years, working with 3d modeling, 3d animation, computer aided design, and analysis of large data will fall in this category too.

In general, purchase mid range to high end processors if you are going to use a laptop or notebook for applications dealing with lots of graphics, sound, and data or databases.

For mid range to high-end performance, choose processors with dual cores. A core is the processing system of the computer processing unit or CPU. The shorthand of CPU is termed “processor”. A processor with dual cores is analogous to having two hands working on the fetching of data and program instructions for processing versus one hand within the same chip. The same analogy can be made for processors with quad or four cores.

For mid level to high level computing power, choose processors with larger L2 or L3 cache. A cache is another type of memory used in computers to store frequently used by the processor. Cache is faster than using main memory or RAM. L2 and L3 are inside the CPU itself rather than the motherboard. Caches that are 1MB or more are considered large cache. Chips such as Celerons have reduced caches at 128KB or 512KB.

For mid level to high-level performance, choose processors with high clock speeds. The higher the speed, the more the processor and laptop will cost. Clock speeds of 2GHz or more are recommended. Choosing low clock speeds on high performing computers could make laptops perform like lower end machines.

For high end processing power, choose Intel processors: Core i7 Extreme, Core i7, and Core i5. For AMD, choose the A8-Series.

For mid-range performance, choose Intel processors: Core i3, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, and Core 2 Quad. For AMD processors, select Phenom, Phenom II and Athlon.

For casual home and business use like word processing and other general office applications, e-mail, and surfing websites that don’t use much video or graphics,
choose low-end processors.

If you do not view lots of images or do not multitask or open several software applications at the same time then select low-end processors.

For low-end

How to buy a new computer: Computer Configurations Simplified!

So, you always have to head up to your geek friend, whenever you need to buy a new computer or upgrade your existing one because your old computer just does not work for you anymore, either it hangs a lot or just is too unresponsive or slow to work on it.

Now, you are too confused with all the computer hardware lingo. So, I thought why not just simplify it for everyone out there.

Here is a sample configuration that you might hear out of a typical computer enthusiast:

1GHz 32 bit minimum, 2 GHz or better duo core 64 bit recommended

This is your processor clock speed, you can better understand it in terms of instructions per second. 1 GHz means your computer will be capable of executing 109instructions per second. So, obviously the more this number is the better and faster you PC will be unless your RAM is really low.

Windows Vista/Windows 7 Premium or Business

The operating system choice is very important but more or less unless you are into programming and/or trying to get into computers you should be able to do fine with Microsoft Windows 7.

80 GB hard drive minimum; 250 GB or more recommended.

The operating system will take up around 30 GB of space the rest of the space is left free and this is the space that is available to you for storage of all your data. An average image is around 0.5 MB, an average song is about 6 MB and an average movie is about 700 MB.

The text documents do not occupy a lot of space, a 1000 page book can easily be accommodated in around 4 MB of space. A GB is 1024 MB, I’ll leave the rest of the math to you.

RAM: 1 GB minimum; 2 GB or more recommended

This refers to the high speed memory that the computer uses as a link between the hard disk and the processor to reduce something called bottle-necking.[More on that in coming articles] Usually the more this memory is better for you.

TCP/IP. Wireless 802.11 b/g/n (WPA2 compatible).

Your network card, you usually do not need to fiddle around here. But in case you need to connect to the network, you will need additional networking hardwares like Cable Modem, Wireless Router, Access Point, and more.

Graphics card : 1GB or more, Support for DirectX 9 Graphics adapter or better

This is the memory that is almost like RAM except for the fact that it is specifically used for processing, carrying to and fro the data specific to video and graphics operations. You would need more memory if you plan on heavy gaming.

CD/DVD Read/Write drive, dual layer recommended

The name explains the purpose, but now as the blue ray technology is catching up, I personally would recommend you to get a Blue ray reader in addition to all that is mentioned.

This should usually get you going, if you have more questions about the terminology drop in questions below. I have not covered everything but just the basic information about the CPU configuration. Do tell me if you have something for me to add in the article.

Why is My Laptop So Slow {Fix Issue} Updated

As of now, various users have come with the complaints about why is my laptop so slow? Do you like to know the reason behind it?We provide you the reason for the issues laptop suddenly slow and the methods to perform for why is my laptop running slow in clear and understandable format. Let me tell you friends the Laptop execute numerous tasks very much slow and lead to infinite reasons.

You might consist of various tabs and the programs open or numerous programs running behind the background successfully. This all might be unaware of you. But you should definitely need to clear all of this in the frequent intervals otherwise lead to the laptop slowing down the issue. Each and every method will be useful to speed up while laptop lagging appeared on different platforms. It involves freeing up a lot of memory.

Also removing the animations which are used before, subscriptions, updating the antivirus and much more will help you out to solve the my laptop is slow issue very well. So what are you looking for? Let us focus on these different methods for why is my laptop slow and get rid out of the issue in a more simple way.

  • Do quit programs and the apps which you are not using in the present scenario.
  • As such running various programs or the apps uses a certain amount of your laptop space and might lead to the issue my laptop is running slow to the greater extent.
  • Reducing all these kind of programs or the apps or do erase the cache data so that can help you out in saving from why is my computer so slow issue.
  • And thereby it speedups the laptop successfully.
  • Make sure that all the programs were closed completely and successfully.
  • One more tip will be closing the whole and unnecessary browser tabs so that it speeds up the laptop immediately.
  • This is because each tab or the browser need a very small amount to run. The more tabs you open, the more memory it consumes. So limiting all such tabs will help you to open it and enhance the speed of laptop very well.
  • Once after the completion of your job, close it and also simultaneously remove the whole cache.
  • Now the other one will be restarting the laptop.
  • Doing restart will automatically improves the laptop speed and solves the issue why is my pc so slow very well.
  • Finalize tip suggested as deleting all the unnecessary programs or the apps or the files which you no long use.
  • Moreover free up the laptop’s hard drive successfully.
  • Do clean and free up the space for every regular intervals.
  • You might do perform uninstall to the apps that occupy a lot of space and lead to the laptop is slow issue.

All these tips will definitely help you out in getting rid out of the issue successfully. What more ultimately, you can speed up the laptop in a more successful way. Are you ready in performing all the tips? Go ahead and move a step forward to solve the whole issues without any doubt.


As a result, we here guide you about the process to speed up the laptop in a more successful way. If you like the current tutorial can share with family/friends. Moreover for any comments, can do comment provided at the below section. Thank you for the visit.

Cable Modem Router is Not as Complicated as It May Seem

If you and your family like being connected to the internet, then you’ll love a cable modem router. It will not only be able to connect all of your household computers and laptops to the internet, but you’ll also be able to connect all of your computers to your own home network, allowing you to share files in an instant. You’ll also be able to connect certain devices, like printers, to your modem router, making it easier to print documents from any computer.

You can use your cable modem and router to establish either wired or wireless connections, depending on what you prefer. Each connection type has its pros and cons; for example, a wireless connection emitted from your cable modem router will give you portability, allowing you to position your computer, or work on your laptop anywhere in your home, and always remain connected. However, a wired connection will give you quicker download speeds, compared to wireless connections.

Creating a wireless connection and home network with the best cable modems 2019 (combo) is far cheaper than using Ethernet cables to connect; as the cables can be quite costly, especially if you require a great length of cable. However, wireless networks are more prone to abuse from outsiders. You must make the effort to secure your wireless connection, so that neighbours don’t take up your bandwidth, which will reduce your speed.

Cable modem and wireless router can help you connect other devices that you use, as well as your computer. Recent games consoles feature high end connection technology, enabling you to send data from your computer to your Playstation on Xbox with just a few clicks. Watching films from your computer using your games console and cable modem router is much easier than waiting for hours on end for the film to be written to DVD.

Many broadband routers, provided by the company you use to provide your broadband line, come without the security features you need to make a secure wireless network. Using it will give you extra security features that you would otherwise not have. It is different to ASDL connections; be sure, before you spend any money, that you are buying the right upgrades for your current set up.

If you are unsure if you need it, visit your local PC peripheral store and speak to an advisor about your needs and current set up. You can also look online, for lots of reviews, to help you choose a product that is cost effective and practical. You will also find lots of troubleshooting tips online, if you are struggling to install your new modem and router.

It can help synchronize and transfer your data around your home computers with ease. With so much advice available to help you install a new modem router, and with the flexibility it can bring to you and your family, it really is time for you to bring your household technology up to speed. Make sure you choose a cable modem router that is cost effective and reliable.

How to Create a Simple Macro in Word

Creating a macro in Microsoft Word isn’t as hard as you might think. It’s really just a bunch of steps you need to perform in an exact order. This tip provides an example on how to do it:

Let’s say you write a lot of business letters, and you’d like to end them the same way each time. You’d like a macro that types Sincerely, and then skip four lines so you have room for a signature. Then you’d like the macro to print your name, and insert the current date below that.

Here’s how to create the macro:

  1. Click on the View tab on the ribbon at the top of your screen.
  2. On the right-hand side of the ribbon you should see a button called Macros. Actually, though, the button is divided in two. The button on top has an icon that looks like a piece of paper. The button on the bottom says Macros and has a tiny arrow on in. Click on that bottom button.
  3. Click on Record Macro in the menu that pops up. Don’t be scared. You can make a recording mistake a million times before you decide to actually save your macro.
  4. In the box that pops up, under where it says Macro name, type a name for your macro. You can’t have any spaces in the name. I’m going to call my macro BusinessSignature.
  5. Next, click on the button to the left of where it says Keyboard. The button has a picture of a keyboard on it.
  6. Now we’re going to assign a shortcut key to our macro. This is the combination of keys you’ll press to execute the macro. It needs to start with Ctrl, Alt or Shift. (It could also start with the F1-F12 keys, but I found that didn’t work as well). I would use only two keys.
  7. In the field beneath where it says Press new shortcut key, hit the sequence of keys. I’m going to hit Alt and then B.
  8. After you’re done typing your keys, click on the Assign button in the lower left-hand corner of the box.
  9. Click on Close.
  10.  Now the recording begins. We’re going to perform whatever steps we want the macro to repeat. In other words, I’m going to type the word Sincerely and put a comma after it. Then I’m going to hit the Enter key four times to go down four lines.
  11. Now it gets a little tricky. I want the macro to insert the current date each time I type a different letter. Remember, the macro will repeat every step you make. First, I’ll click on the Insert key at the top of the ribbon. Second, I’ll click on the Date & Time button toward the right-hand side of the ribbon. I’ll choose a format for my date and click on OK.
  12. When you’re finished with all your steps click on the View tab on the ribbon again.
  13. Click on the bottom Macros button again, the one with the tiny arrow.
  14. Click on Stop Recording.

That’s it! To test your macro press the shortcut keys you assigned to it. Hopefully it works!