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Eco Kettle: Eco-Friendly Eltectric Kettle

When we want to make coffee or tea, we definitely need boiling water to dissolve coffee or tea perfectly. But often we heat water more than we need.

According to research, when we want to make coffee or other drinks, we usually heat water, twice as much as the water we need. As a result, water and energy will be wasted.

If you use an electric-powered kettle with 3kW of power, you will waste electrical energy or the equivalent of turning on about 50 light bulbs.

And conventional electric kettles are usually very energy-intensive. The kettle usually consumes energy to heat the body to the handle of the kettle and does not heat the water directly.

This problem was solved by a kettle designed by Brian Hartley from the UK. This electric kettle called “Eco Kettle” which is able to heat water exactly according to your needs. If you want to heat a glass of water, you just need to adjust the size of this kettle.

The trick, fill the kettle with water, select the volume of water you need, then heat it. This kettle has a special room that will heat water according to the volume of water you choose.

By heating less water you will also use energy more efficiently and faster heating time. As a result, you can save energy by up to 30%. For more information visit the Eco Kettle website here.

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