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How to Create an Envelope Mail Merge

Let’s say you want to print a group of envelopes with your recipients’ addresses on them. You can use your addresses in Outlook to create a mail merge. Part of the trick, though, is not to start the mail merge from Outlook, but instead from Word. Here’s how:

1. Open Word and start a blank document.

2. Click on the Mailings tab at the top of your screen.

3. Click on Start Mail Merge toward the left-hand side of the ribbon.

4. Click on Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard at the bottom of the menu that pops up. The Mail Merge task pane should appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

5. Click to put a dot next to the word Envelopes in the task pane.

6. At the bottom of the pane, click on Next: Starting document.

You can leave Step 2 alone. Click on Next: Select recipients.

7. A box should pop up. If you’re using standard size 10 envelopes, you don’t need to do anything. Just click on OK in the box. Otherwise, click in the field below where it says Envelope size, choose your type of envelope, and click OK.

8. In Step 3, near the top of the pane, click to put a dot next to Select from Outlook contacts.

9. The words Choose Contacts Folder should appear below. Click on those words.

10. In the box that pops up, click once on the group of contacts you’d like to use. Then click OK.

11. The Mail Merge Recipients box should pop up. This is where you’ll choose the contacts you want the envelopes addressed to. You have three choices:

You can leave all the boxes checked if you want to address an envelope to everyone in the group.

If you only want to address envelope certain members of the group, you can click to uncheck the box next to where it says Data Source. Then you down the list and check   whatever recipients you choose.

Or, you could leave the box next to Data Source checked, and just uncheck the recipients you don’t want.

12. Click OK in the box.

13. Click on Next: Arrange your envelope at the bottom of the task pane.

14. If you need to, click in the upper left-hand corner of the document and type your return address.

15. Move your cursor so it’s located in the center of the envelope document. You should see a dotted line around it where the addresses will go.

16. Click on the blue Address block text in the task pane. A box should pop up.

17. On the left-hand side of the box, you should see various formats of how to display names. You can choose however you’d like them to appear on the envelopes. However, the most common is Joshua Randall Jr.

Click one time on your choice.

18. Click OK in the box.

19. Click on Next: Preview your envelopes at the bottom of the task pane.

20. In the next step, if you’d like to look at some envelopes, click on the two white squares near the top of the pane.

21. If everything looks good, click on Next: Complete the merge at the bottom of the pane.

22. Click on Print in the middle of the next pane to print your envelopes!

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