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How to Transfer Documents From Your Smartphone on Your PC

Want to transfer your documents on your laptop or smartphone around and do not know which is the most efficient method that you can use? Here are the simplest ways that you can move content from your smartphone and your PC sole discretion.


Is your computer connected to a wireless network? The easiest way that you can launch a wireless data transfer is through.

These services specialize in rapid porting information over the wireless network directly from a mobile device. Once configured, these services are fast, easy to use and fairly safe, as long as wireless internet connection is stable.

In fact, there is so many services available Wi-Fi transfer as one of the hardest parts as finding the most suitable signal for PC. If you are using Android devices, you’ll want to take a look at the portal, an application Push bullet. Download the application to your phone, scan the QR code, and send pictures, videos and other files via the website on your phone (ideal size, up to 1GB). It is extremely easy with Chrome because you must use drag and drop on each file for instant transfers.

Another common solution is Filedrop, which is free for all systems, except iOS, îunde costs a few dollars. As a portal, Filedrop mate mobile PCs, enabling the rapid exchange of documents with a simple drag and drop.

Wi-Fi transfer solution from Apple is called AirDrop and operates between all Macs and iOS devices without downloading any additional software. You can find the menu options AirDrop sharing of various applications.


Cloud storage Most providers offer a reasonable alternative to Wi-Fi transfer applications. You do not need actually to Wi-Fi for each step when using a cloud sharing service. By uploading files to Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud, you can access them anytime from anywhere if you have the app installed on your smartphone and find a Wi-Fi connection.


Pairing Bluetooth is like an older version of NFC and communicated using Bluetooth protocol. As with NFC, here you do not need a wireless network to transfer files. There are sufficient only two Bluetooth devices. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices, mobile and PC. Also in this situation you have to see whether a connection is created automatically, and documents downloaded directly in Downloads (Downloads).

Bluetooth is a safe, since most devices provide Bluetooth connections, and once associated document is easy to change automatically. If you have a very old computer and a mobile device again there may be some problems in terms of compatibility, but nowadays it is a rather rare.


It’s always handy when you need to send something to someone. You just need a good internet connection and documents can be sent easily. The only drawback when you want to send documents from your PC smartphone and vice versa via email is that, if you have photos or documents that occupy very much space, you have to send them a time or create an archive. Of course, when documents are too high, you can send via Google Drive in the shortest time.


If you provide a USB port for PC and laptop port, you have solved the problem of data transfer in the shortest time. Copy the data from the PC USB, then moves them to the smartphone. Everything is done with a simple drag and drop.

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