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Roku 3 Review

Let’s get straight to the point! I have used the Roku 3 now for about a year and absolutely love it! This is the review of the 2014 Roku 3, the device that does not have voice control. Just like all the other Roku models this device has a channel centric operating system. There is a type of channel store that you can use to download each channel you want to watch.

There is a huge selection of channels, but it is unlikely that you will ever use a lot of them. That being said the Roku is the device that supports the most mainstream channels, supporting everything you would likely want except for any Apple specific content. The streaming quality of the device is exceptional and it has rarely stuttered or stopped on us. The only real quality problems I’ve had with it are with the YouTube app which never seems to stream at a quality higher than 480p.

We have actually have two devices. One in the bedroom and One in the living room. The device in the living room is hardwired with a cat 5E cable while the one in the bedroom is using the wireless. The amazing thing is that we haven’t seen you much difference in streaming speed or quality between the two devices!

I should also mention that universal search feature. It is a cool feature where you type in the name of the movie/actor that you want to see and the Roku searches all of the content across all of its channels. It then shows you the cotent that meets that search. It’s a neat feature but I have noticed that we don’t really use it quite as much as some people seem to.

What will I really use the Roku for?

We mostly use the Roku, one of the best streaming player 2018 for streaming Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, occasionally YouTube, and some PBS content. What we use the Roku most for though is streaming content that we own from our Plex media server to the Roku device to be displayed on TV. If you are not familiar with Plex, then I suggest you get familiar with it! It is an awesome way to take the DVDs, Blue rays, and other content that you already own and stream it to your TV!

Size of the device.

The device has a small footprint and takes up about the same amount of space as the Apple TV and the Amazon fire TV.


The remote in the 2014 version of the Roku 3 (note that this is the version of the device that does not have the voice Control remote), is a great remote! It feels good in the hand without being too large or bulky. One great feature of the remote is that it comes with a headphone jack. This allows one user to listen to all the audio through their headphones. The feature works very well but be aware it does use up a lot of battery power.

Connection Info

On the back of the device there are three connections. A power connector, a lan connector, and an HDMI input. So, keep in mind that the only way to connect this device to your TV is to use the HDMI. However, at this point in time you should really have no excuse for using anything other than HDMI. Although, I will say that I wish the device had an optical out.

The right side of the Roku does have a USB connection so that you can Play content from off of a USB flash drive or USB hard drive.

Tech Specs

I advise not to get too caught up in the differing tech specs between these devices. The only thing that really matters is that the Roku three is responsive and has no trouble streaming 1080 P content. Feel free to let me know though if you have any other tech questions about the specifications and I will get back with you.

As far as the wireless goes the Roku three is dual band so it can handle 2.4 gigahertz wireless network.


At this point the Roku three is honestly the best streaming media device on the market. It offers the most content and channels when compared to any other device. It also adds the big feature that the other devices don’t have witches support for the Plex app. If you want more information take a look at our main comparison table where we breakdown all of the features of the different devices.

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