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Tips For Recycling Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridge recycling has been growing in popularity as more people learn of the possibility. Statistics show that over a dozen of these cartridges are tossed in the trash every second of the day in the United States and the plastics they are manufactured from will take centuries to decompose.

Not only is ink cartridge recycling an environmentally friendly way to deal with this waste product, but also as some companies have begun paying for them, they have become a popular item for fundraising efforts. If you are looking to recycle your cartridges for profit or simply because you care about the fate of the planet, there are a few steps, you should follow to ensure that the cartridges are able to be reused in the proper fashion.

The first suggestion is to be certain to handle the cartridges with attention and care. Since many people have viewed these items as potential trash this simple step is not always followed. Many companies will not take back cartridges that are damaged or dirty and some companies will even charge you for sending them cartridges in less than good condition. If you have the Best All in One Printer 2019 UK (ink jet or laser) and its cartridge is handled properly, it can be potentially recycled and reused about a half a dozen times before it is worn out. This practice alone could prevent literally tons of perfectly good plastic from ending up in landfills unnecessarily.

More Tips For Recycling Ink Cartridges

Another suggestion is to keep the original packaging that the ink cartridge was purchased in. This way, you can easily send it back to the manufacturer when you are through with it. If you have misplaced or thrown out the original packaging, you may be able to request one from the manufacturer at no cost to you. In fact, many companies have now begun selling the cartridges with a return envelope already in the package and have even gone so far as to cover the postage of the item as well.

There are also some companies out there that will send you a package to recycle your ink cartridges. They will also furnish you with a printed mailing label that takes care of the return postage. Sometimes these companies request that you collect a minimum number of cartridges before you send them back. After you have done so, these recycling companies will inspect the returned cartridges and actually pay you for the ones that they deem reusable. In this way, you are not only taking steps toward a greener future that are also making a bit of extra money in the process. It is this practice that has led many schools to forgo the traditional bake sale and bottle drive and turn to ink cartridge recycling. By asking parents, teachers and students to collect these items rather than throwing them in the trash, the schools have been able to raise money for field trips as well as athletic and technical items.

Another tip for ink cartridge recycling is to return them to stores that sell printers and the ink cartridges themselves. Many of these stores will have a drop off box or bin located just inside the store where you simply deposit the used cartridge inside. While most of these locations will not offer you money for the cartridge, they will also not charge you if the unit is damaged or unusable for any reason. If you are in doubt as to the condition of the cartridges, you have then this is the best route to have them potentially recycled. For businesses that go through large numbers of cartridges, many of these stores have developed delivery services that will pick up the cartridges at the business location saving the consumer time and money while helping to build a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Now that you know different, why aren’t you into ink cartridge recycling?

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