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How to Find Hidden Folders on MAC

Most users know how I can find folders that were hidden on Windows. How about your Mac?

There are several folders (directories) in OS X that are hidden. We will show you what those folders and you can make visible to access them.

Hidden folders containing multiple files OS X operating system that controls and tells him what to do and how to behave, be it apps, folders, items in the trash, etc.

Under standard Unix, OS X that adopted “point” (“.”) Tells the system that the file or folder that should be hidden.

To view hidden files in Finder, you must use the Terminal application. Terminal can be accessed from the Utilities folder (/ Applications / Utilities), and after you launched Terminal, enter the following command, then press the ENTER key (return):

YES defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles

The next step is to restart the Finder and log-off and sign-in back in the account. Now you can see all the hidden files on the desktop and in the Finder.

If you want only files and folders to be visible in the Finder, then repeat the command is:

NO defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles

Repeat need to logoff and login to your account. CAUTION! These files are system files and should not be modified, deleted or moved so the operating system may encounter serious problems.

Tips For Recycling Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridge recycling has been growing in popularity as more people learn of the possibility. Statistics show that over a dozen of these cartridges are tossed in the trash every second of the day in the United States and the plastics they are manufactured from will take centuries to decompose.

Not only is ink cartridge recycling an environmentally friendly way to deal with this waste product, but also as some companies have begun paying for them, they have become a popular item for fundraising efforts. If you are looking to recycle your cartridges for profit or simply because you care about the fate of the planet, there are a few steps, you should follow to ensure that the cartridges are able to be reused in the proper fashion.

The first suggestion is to be certain to handle the cartridges with attention and care. Since many people have viewed these items as potential trash this simple step is not always followed. Many companies will not take back cartridges that are damaged or dirty and some companies will even charge you for sending them cartridges in less than good condition. If you have the Best All in One Printer 2019 UK (ink jet or laser) and its cartridge is handled properly, it can be potentially recycled and reused about a half a dozen times before it is worn out. This practice alone could prevent literally tons of perfectly good plastic from ending up in landfills unnecessarily.

More Tips For Recycling Ink Cartridges

Another suggestion is to keep the original packaging that the ink cartridge was purchased in. This way, you can easily send it back to the manufacturer when you are through with it. If you have misplaced or thrown out the original packaging, you may be able to request one from the manufacturer at no cost to you. In fact, many companies have now begun selling the cartridges with a return envelope already in the package and have even gone so far as to cover the postage of the item as well.

There are also some companies out there that will send you a package to recycle your ink cartridges. They will also furnish you with a printed mailing label that takes care of the return postage. Sometimes these companies request that you collect a minimum number of cartridges before you send them back. After you have done so, these recycling companies will inspect the returned cartridges and actually pay you for the ones that they deem reusable. In this way, you are not only taking steps toward a greener future that are also making a bit of extra money in the process. It is this practice that has led many schools to forgo the traditional bake sale and bottle drive and turn to ink cartridge recycling. By asking parents, teachers and students to collect these items rather than throwing them in the trash, the schools have been able to raise money for field trips as well as athletic and technical items.

Another tip for ink cartridge recycling is to return them to stores that sell printers and the ink cartridges themselves. Many of these stores will have a drop off box or bin located just inside the store where you simply deposit the used cartridge inside. While most of these locations will not offer you money for the cartridge, they will also not charge you if the unit is damaged or unusable for any reason. If you are in doubt as to the condition of the cartridges, you have then this is the best route to have them potentially recycled. For businesses that go through large numbers of cartridges, many of these stores have developed delivery services that will pick up the cartridges at the business location saving the consumer time and money while helping to build a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Now that you know different, why aren’t you into ink cartridge recycling?

How to Transfer Documents From Your Smartphone on Your PC

Want to transfer your documents on your laptop or smartphone around and do not know which is the most efficient method that you can use? Here are the simplest ways that you can move content from your smartphone and your PC sole discretion.


Is your computer connected to a wireless network? The easiest way that you can launch a wireless data transfer is through.

These services specialize in rapid porting information over the wireless network directly from a mobile device. Once configured, these services are fast, easy to use and fairly safe, as long as wireless internet connection is stable.

In fact, there is so many services available Wi-Fi transfer as one of the hardest parts as finding the most suitable signal for PC. If you are using Android devices, you’ll want to take a look at the portal, an application Push bullet. Download the application to your phone, scan the QR code, and send pictures, videos and other files via the website on your phone (ideal size, up to 1GB). It is extremely easy with Chrome because you must use drag and drop on each file for instant transfers.

Another common solution is Filedrop, which is free for all systems, except iOS, îunde costs a few dollars. As a portal, Filedrop mate mobile PCs, enabling the rapid exchange of documents with a simple drag and drop.

Wi-Fi transfer solution from Apple is called AirDrop and operates between all Macs and iOS devices without downloading any additional software. You can find the menu options AirDrop sharing of various applications.


Cloud storage Most providers offer a reasonable alternative to Wi-Fi transfer applications. You do not need actually to Wi-Fi for each step when using a cloud sharing service. By uploading files to Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud, you can access them anytime from anywhere if you have the app installed on your smartphone and find a Wi-Fi connection.


Pairing Bluetooth is like an older version of NFC and communicated using Bluetooth protocol. As with NFC, here you do not need a wireless network to transfer files. There are sufficient only two Bluetooth devices. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices, mobile and PC. Also in this situation you have to see whether a connection is created automatically, and documents downloaded directly in Downloads (Downloads).

Bluetooth is a safe, since most devices provide Bluetooth connections, and once associated document is easy to change automatically. If you have a very old computer and a mobile device again there may be some problems in terms of compatibility, but nowadays it is a rather rare.


It’s always handy when you need to send something to someone. You just need a good internet connection and documents can be sent easily. The only drawback when you want to send documents from your PC smartphone and vice versa via email is that, if you have photos or documents that occupy very much space, you have to send them a time or create an archive. Of course, when documents are too high, you can send via Google Drive in the shortest time.


If you provide a USB port for PC and laptop port, you have solved the problem of data transfer in the shortest time. Copy the data from the PC USB, then moves them to the smartphone. Everything is done with a simple drag and drop.

Roku 3 Review

Let’s get straight to the point! I have used the Roku 3 now for about a year and absolutely love it! This is the review of the 2014 Roku 3, the device that does not have voice control. Just like all the other Roku models this device has a channel centric operating system. There is a type of channel store that you can use to download each channel you want to watch.

There is a huge selection of channels, but it is unlikely that you will ever use a lot of them. That being said the Roku is the device that supports the most mainstream channels, supporting everything you would likely want except for any Apple specific content. The streaming quality of the device is exceptional and it has rarely stuttered or stopped on us. The only real quality problems I’ve had with it are with the YouTube app which never seems to stream at a quality higher than 480p.

We have actually have two devices. One in the bedroom and One in the living room. The device in the living room is hardwired with a cat 5E cable while the one in the bedroom is using the wireless. The amazing thing is that we haven’t seen you much difference in streaming speed or quality between the two devices!

I should also mention that universal search feature. It is a cool feature where you type in the name of the movie/actor that you want to see and the Roku searches all of the content across all of its channels. It then shows you the cotent that meets that search. It’s a neat feature but I have noticed that we don’t really use it quite as much as some people seem to.

What will I really use the Roku for?

We mostly use the Roku, one of the best streaming player 2018 for streaming Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, occasionally YouTube, and some PBS content. What we use the Roku most for though is streaming content that we own from our Plex media server to the Roku device to be displayed on TV. If you are not familiar with Plex, then I suggest you get familiar with it! It is an awesome way to take the DVDs, Blue rays, and other content that you already own and stream it to your TV!

Size of the device.

The device has a small footprint and takes up about the same amount of space as the Apple TV and the Amazon fire TV.


The remote in the 2014 version of the Roku 3 (note that this is the version of the device that does not have the voice Control remote), is a great remote! It feels good in the hand without being too large or bulky. One great feature of the remote is that it comes with a headphone jack. This allows one user to listen to all the audio through their headphones. The feature works very well but be aware it does use up a lot of battery power.

Connection Info

On the back of the device there are three connections. A power connector, a lan connector, and an HDMI input. So, keep in mind that the only way to connect this device to your TV is to use the HDMI. However, at this point in time you should really have no excuse for using anything other than HDMI. Although, I will say that I wish the device had an optical out.

The right side of the Roku does have a USB connection so that you can Play content from off of a USB flash drive or USB hard drive.

Tech Specs

I advise not to get too caught up in the differing tech specs between these devices. The only thing that really matters is that the Roku three is responsive and has no trouble streaming 1080 P content. Feel free to let me know though if you have any other tech questions about the specifications and I will get back with you.

As far as the wireless goes the Roku three is dual band so it can handle 2.4 gigahertz wireless network.


At this point the Roku three is honestly the best streaming media device on the market. It offers the most content and channels when compared to any other device. It also adds the big feature that the other devices don’t have witches support for the Plex app. If you want more information take a look at our main comparison table where we breakdown all of the features of the different devices.

What to Look for When Buying Discount Inkject Cartridges Online

We all know how expensive printer cartridges are but there is no need to pay exorbitant prices at a retail store when you can get your discount inkjet cartridges online. Online stores don’t have the problem of high rents and overheads so they can pass these savings on to you the consumer. You can purchase discount inkjet cartridges online for all major printer brands including Canon, HP, Lexmark and Epson.

Unfortunately when most people purchase a printer they don’t take into account the cost of replacement printer ink cartridges. In many cases the cost of the replacement cartridge is as much as the printer itself. If you have this problem then you are probably on the look out for discount inkjet cartridges. The internet is the best place to find them with discounts of up to 80%.

The beauty of buying online is that you save on both time and effort as with just a few mouse clicks you can compare the prices between different merchants all in the comfort of your own home. This is great if you are in the market for discount inkjet cartridges because you can really pick up a bargain by shopping around.

Check out each website to see if they include free shipping. Many merchants will include free shipping on orders over a prescribed amount. Others might include a discount if you purchase more than one item. These offers can greatly reduce the price of your already discounted inkjet cartridges.

The Difference Between OEM HP Inkjet Cartridge and Remanufactured HP Cartridge

If you own a HP printer then you have purchased a quality printer but at some point you have probably figured that the HP inkjet cartridge replacements are costing you a lot of money. So what are your options?

You can purchase an OEM HP inkjet cartridge knowing that you will receive a quality but expensive product or alternatively, you can purchase a remanufactured or compatible cartridge. Manufactured to the highest standards, either of these choices will definitely save you money.

To determine which cartridge to buy you first need to understand the differences between each type of HP inkjet cartridge.

OEM HP inkjet cartridge – an OEM cartridge is an Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridge. It is a cartridge that is created by the manufacturer of your printer. This might be Canon, Lexmark, Hewlett Packard, Epson or any of the other many printer manufacturers on the market today.

Remanufactured HP inkjet cartridge – Remanufactured Cartridges are used cartridges that have been recycled for reuse. They are generally disassembled, checked for any problems, cleaned and refilled with printer ink and then thoroughly tested. They are remanufactured to meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications.

Compatible HP inkjet cartridge – Compatible Cartridges (also known as generic ink cartridges) are those HP ink cartridges that are manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM standards. These cartridges differ to remanufactured ink cartridges as they are completely new cartridges will all new parts.
So which do you purchase?

Well, you will never go wrong with purchasing an OEM HP inkjet cartridge. If you are looking to save money however, you should look at purchasing a remanufactured or compatible HP inkjet cartridge.

Buying a compatible or remanufactured HP inkjet cartridge will not void your warranty as some people might think. In the US, legislation known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act was introduced which prevents manufacturers from making these claims. You can use a compatible or remanufactured cartridge with the comfort of knowing that it won’t affect your warranty.