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How to Find Hidden Folders on MAC

Most users know how I can find folders that were hidden on Windows. How about your Mac?

There are several folders (directories) in OS X that are hidden. We will show you what those folders and you can make visible to access them.

Hidden folders containing multiple files OS X operating system that controls and tells him what to do and how to behave, be it apps, folders, items in the trash, etc.

Under standard Unix, OS X that adopted “point” (“.”) Tells the system that the file or folder that should be hidden.

To view hidden files in Finder, you must use the Terminal application. Terminal can be accessed from the Utilities folder (/ Applications / Utilities), and after you launched Terminal, enter the following command, then press the ENTER key (return):

YES defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles

The next step is to restart the Finder and log-off and sign-in back in the account. Now you can see all the hidden files on the desktop and in the Finder.

If you want only files and folders to be visible in the Finder, then repeat the command is:

NO defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles

Repeat need to logoff and login to your account. CAUTION! These files are system files and should not be modified, deleted or moved so the operating system may encounter serious problems.

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