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My Computer Crashes – Bluescreen

Bluescreen Blues

This plastic, throw away, profit-driven, big corporation society is driving me crazy.

At the risk of being labelled a “whinger”, I NEED to have a whinge.

“There’s not much more I can do, I suggest you give up and buy a new one”

These words were spoken to me after a computer repairer had failed after 4 attempts and over $500 of my money in his till to fix my less than 3-year-old Compaq PC.

What happened to buying something, safe in the knowledge that it will last, that it is made of quality components, by skilled craftspeople who take pride in their work.

I know, I know, where’s the profit in that?

What about the shareholders?

Where’s the return on their investment?

But where does that leave the consumer?

It seems consumers’ needs are overshadowed by the need to make a profit. With more and more small businesses going under because they just can’t compete with big businesses, good customer service, reliability and accountability slide into decline and we the consumers become slaves to the profit-driven mentality of the big boys in retail.

Seems to me items are made NOT to last so that they will need to be replaced often. But when I spend $1,500 on a new computer I expect it to last. I haven’t mistreated it. I run a reputable anti-virus program and have looked after it. In fact, I barely used my computer for the first 2 years, just spasmodically, here and there. I paid for an extended two-year warranty when I bought it.

In March of this year, I started writing and writing. Writing became a therapeutic release for the immense grief that weighed me down after losing a loved one. I was using my computer every day. It started crashing, I’d reboot and it would work for a while then crash again. Checked out the details of my $80 worth of extended warranty, oh yes, that would be right, it ran out in November, 2016. Took it for repairs, they ran pressure tests, scans etc, it would work for a few weeks, all good, then started crashing again.

The repairman suggested he put a new hard drive in. Good idea I thought, isn’t that like putting a new engine in a car? Shouldn’t it be like new again? It worked perfectly for about a month, then started crashing again.

I took it to another repair business. They checked it all out and said there is nothing wrong with it, but thanks anyway, that will be $85. Took it back home where it worked for a week, then started crashing again.

So there it is, my computer that sits there, nothing wrong with it, but its useless. If I fire it up, it works for about 2 minutes before the blue screen comes up. I reboot, 2 minutes, it crashes again. But there’s nothing wrong with it!!!

In January I signed up for a high speed, you beaut, wifi plan that is useless to me because my computer doesn’t work.

I am loathe to go out and buy a new computer. I can’t really afford it and besides, what do I do with my old one that apparently has nothing wrong with it!

More discarded plastic junk to landfill. Oh, this makes me so angry!!

And besides my Hubpages activity has been curbed terribly!!! Sneak on to check out some hubs during my lunch break at work and that’s about all.

If you are still with me, thanks for listening, I feel a little better now after my whinge BUT, my computer still doesn’t work!!

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