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The Difference Between OEM HP Inkjet Cartridge and Remanufactured HP Cartridge

If you own a HP printer then you have purchased a quality printer but at some point you have probably figured that the HP inkjet cartridge replacements are costing you a lot of money. So what are your options?

You can purchase an OEM HP inkjet cartridge knowing that you will receive a quality but expensive product or alternatively, you can purchase a remanufactured or compatible cartridge. Manufactured to the highest standards, either of these choices will definitely save you money.

To determine which cartridge to buy you first need to understand the differences between each type of HP inkjet cartridge.

OEM HP inkjet cartridge – an OEM cartridge is an Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridge. It is a cartridge that is created by the manufacturer of your printer. This might be Canon, Lexmark, Hewlett Packard, Epson or any of the other many printer manufacturers on the market today.

Remanufactured HP inkjet cartridge – Remanufactured Cartridges are used cartridges that have been recycled for reuse. They are generally disassembled, checked for any problems, cleaned and refilled with printer ink and then thoroughly tested. They are remanufactured to meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications.

Compatible HP inkjet cartridge – Compatible Cartridges (also known as generic ink cartridges) are those HP ink cartridges that are manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM standards. These cartridges differ to remanufactured ink cartridges as they are completely new cartridges will all new parts.
So which do you purchase?

Well, you will never go wrong with purchasing an OEM HP inkjet cartridge. If you are looking to save money however, you should look at purchasing a remanufactured or compatible HP inkjet cartridge.

Buying a compatible or remanufactured HP inkjet cartridge will not void your warranty as some people might think. In the US, legislation known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act was introduced which prevents manufacturers from making these claims. You can use a compatible or remanufactured cartridge with the comfort of knowing that it won’t affect your warranty.

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